Plot Prices

For a comparison with the total cost of a funeral using Honey Creek Woodlands and a modern funeral (generally natural burial is about half the cost of a modern burial).

Payment plans and group discounts are available.

Natural burial

Pine Forest: $2,500
Meadow area: $2,500
Mature woodlands: $3,500
Hilltop: $4,500
Founders: $10,000 and up

Opening and closing the grave: $700.00
Stones with engraving: $200 to $400 (stones from the outside must be approved by the staff of Honey Creek Woodlands)

Placement of stones included.

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Cremation burials

Pine Forest: $1250
Hilltop: $2000
Mature woodlands: $1500
Meadow area: $950

Opening and closing $150.
Stones for cremated remains are available at the same price as natural burial.

Group discounts:
For a group discount under 20, the parties must purchase at least 1/4 of the sites up front and begin a payment plan to retire the debt within 5 years.

4-10     10%
11-15   15%
16-20   20%